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Corporate Governance at Delivery Hero

The corporate governance practiced by Delivery Hero SE stands for a responsible and transparent corporate management and control directed towards long-term success.
Good corporate governance in accordance to the concept of the “reputable businessperson” (Leitbild des Ehrbaren Kaufmanns) ensures sustainable value creation and promotes confidence in the management and supervision of our company by international and national investors, customers, employees and the general public.
Accordingly, the Management Board and Supervisory Board of Delivery Hero SE place great value on good corporate governance and therefore are guided by the recommendations of the German Corporate Governance Code, the applicable law as well as the internal rules of procedure and guidelines.

Corporate Governance Structure

Delivery Hero SE is a Societas Europae, which is in particular subject to the SE Regulation ((EG) No 2157/2001 from 8 October 2001), the SE Implementation Act (SEAG) and the German Stock Corporation Act. Delivery Hero SE has a dual board management system consisting of the Management Board and the Supervisory Board.

Management Board and Supervisory Board of Delivery Hero SE cooperate closely to the benefit of the company and remain in regular contact.

As executive body, the Management Board is responsible for leadership and management of the company.

The Supervisory Board is the controlling and monitoring body of the company. It appoints, supervises and advises the members of the Management Board in its management of the company’s businesses. The Supervisory Board is also directly involved in decisions of fundamental importance to the company.

The members of the Supervisory Board are elected by the shareholders at the company’s General Assembly.

Committees of the Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board of Delivery Hero SE has established four committees in accordance to the recommendations of the German Corporate Governance Code:

The Audit Committee addresses in particular the monitoring of the accounting and the accounting process as well as the effectiveness of the internal control system, the risk management system, the internal audit system, the audit and compliance.

The Remuneration Committee submits its proposals regarding the remuneration system and the total amount of remuneration for the individual members of the Management Board to the Supervisory Board, taking into account their personal performance.

The Nomination Committee proposes suitable candidates to the Supervisory Board for its recommendations to the General Assembly regarding the election of Supervisory Board members.

The Strategy Committee deals with matters of material strategic nature for Delivery Hero SE.