Shareholder Structure

The following chart shows the voting rights pursuant to sections 33, 34 German Securities Trading Act (WpHG) as notified last by the shareholders to Delivery Hero SE’s to the extent they represent 3% or more of the total voting rights in Delivery Hero SE1.

Financial instruments pursuant to section 38 WpHG or aggregated shareholdings and instruments pursuant to section 39 WpHG are not included.

The underlying voting rights notifications, as well as voting rights notifications by the shareholders regarding financial instruments pursuant to section 38 WpHG and disclosures of aggregated positions pursuant to section 39 WpHG are published under Voting Rights Notifications.

Please note that the number of voting rights last notified could have changed within the respective thresholds without triggering an obligation to notify Delivery Hero SE.

Treasury shares held by the Company amount to 0.01%.

Shareholder Share in % (Threshold) Date of last Voting Rights Notification
Naspers Group 25% - 30% 05.10.2021
Baillie Gifford Group2 5% - 10% 25.05.2022
Conifer Group2 5% - 10% 23.11.20234
Aspex Group 5% - 10% 06.02.20245
Luxor Group2 3% - 5% 05.06.20243
Vanguard 3% - 5% 13.06.2022

Voting rights held directly or by a subsidiary.
Shareholders whose shares, as defined by Deutsche Börse AG, account for at least 5% of the company’s share capital but are not considered to be in fixed ownership (e.g. asset managers and trust companies, funds and pension funds, investment companies or foreign investment companies in their respective special fund assets).
Voting rights notification of Christian Leone attributable to Luxor Group.
Voting rights notification of Gregory Alexander attributable to Conifer Group.
Voting rights notification of Ho Kei Li, attributable to Aspex Group.

Last Update: June 2024