Compliance at Delivery Hero

Compliance at Delivery Hero

For Delivery Hero, compliance means promoting a sustainable corporate culture of integrity and responsibility. To achieve this mission, we are committed to conduct our business activities throughout the world in an honest, ethical, and legal manner and expect the same from our employees, directors, officers, and business partners.

Delivery Hero has developed and implemented a Compliance Management System aimed at preventing violations of anticorruption regulations, conflict of interest and other violations of law committed within or by Delivery Hero, its employees, directors or officers.

Our compliance system comprises a system of measures aimed to ensure our business is always carried out in full accordance with the law as well as with our internal principles and rules. Delivery Hero’s compliance efforts are focused on prevention, detection and proper response to any kind of misconduct.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Delivery Hero´s Code of Conduct is an essential element of our compliance organization. It summarizes our principles, values, standards and rules of behavior and serves employees as guidance to the behavior which is required in making business decisions. As an addition to the Code of Conduct, Delivery Hero has developed further corporate guidelines, which provide detailed rules for individual subject areas.

“We expect every employee in Delivery Hero to understand how the Code of Conduct applies to their individual role and to comply with the letter and spirit of it.”

Niklas Östberg, CEO

Reporting of Non-Compliance

Reporting of Non-Compliance

Every employee at Delivery Hero is responsible for addressing violations or potential violations of the laws, the Delivery Hero Code of Conduct or internal policies. To report compliance violation we offer employees and other internal and external stakeholders three channels of reporting:

1. Online reports via a whistleblower system
2. Reports through a special designated email or
3. Regular mail

An interned-based whistleblower platform has been made available which allows an anonymous and protected exchange of documents and conduct a dialog with Compliance Department of Delivery Hero via a separate mailbox. The system is confidential and protected.

Reports can be submitted under the following link

All reported issues will be carefully assessed by Delivery Hero and will be managed as per the regulations and procedures for handling reported compliance concerns. The confidentiality of information given by the individual reporting a compliance violation will be protected to the greatest extent possible. The recipient of the information of Delivery Hero may share it only on a need-to-know basis consistent with applicable law. Delivery Hero will respect the request of confidentiality and anonymous reporting.

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